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Chase Pest Control are based in Enfield, North London. We have been resolving pest problems in the North London Area for over 10 years and over this time a few things became clear:
  • Pests in your home or business can have a significant impact, not just with regards to hygiene or damage but also the emotional and psychological impact that inevitably comes with pests. It is a stressful experience having something invade your home or the place that provides your income and we understand this. .
  • Pests will affect all of us at one stage or another, the reason for this is that most pests are commensal – they live around humans. It doesn’t matter if your house is immaculately clean, or whether you maybe don’t clean as regularly as you’d like to, if pests can find a way in to your home or business, they usually will.
  • The pest control industry could do better. Unfortunately too many times have we visited a property to resolve a problem following on the heels of another pest controller who has done the bare minimum. In most cases customers could have saved themselves the cost and probably done a better job themselves.

Our aim at Chase Pest Control is to approach it differently. When we take on a treatment, our aim is not just to get rid of the pest for the time being, our aim is to get rid of it permanently. This starts with a conversation with you to help us understand the problem that you are experiencing. It involves identifying the source of the problem, it involves an investigation, trying to establish how they are getting into your home, lifting manhole covers to inspect drains, considering whether a pest issue could be related to a neighbouring property, proofing your property to prevent future problems. It is not just laying down some poison, as to be honest, everyone can do that. 

Please take a moment to look at the Google reviews we get from our customers, we are proud of them as we believe they reflect the level of commitment we apply to each and every job we take on. 

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